1. help, aid, bestead, accommodate, oblige, abet, befriend; contribute, join in, Inf. pitch in, Inf. chip in, lend a hand, lend onself to, play or do one's part, boost, give a boost to, give a lift to; (all usu. negative) lift a finger, lift a hand, raise a finger, raise a hand.
2.Usu. assist with
collaborate, cooperate, connive, conspire, coact; combine, join, unite, side, synergize, go or go along, team up, take part, join forces, Inf. hitch horses.
3. support, back, back up, second, uphold, sustain, maintain, endorse, smile upon, concur, stand by, Inf. go to bat for, Inf. stick up for; promote, further, advance, forward, advocate, cultivate, favor.
4. relieve, ameliorate, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, salve; comfort, soothe, solace, console, succor.
5. facilitate, ease, make easier, expedite, cut through red tape; speed, speed up, accelerate, hasten, quicken, lend wings to; intercede, pave the way, open the way, clear the way, run interference for, Fig. block for; disburden, disencumber, rid, disembarrass, deobstruct, lighten the load; bolster, prop up, enhance, tide over, put on one's feet, set up, set going.
6. attend, attend on or upon, be attendant on, dance attendance upon, tend; work for, labor in behalf of, serve, be of service to, render service to, do service for, Obs. adjuvate, minister to; cater to, pander to, wait on or upon, wait on hand and foot, be at [s.o.'s] beck and call.
7.(all of gatherings or ceremonies) attend, be present at, be at, go or come to, be on hand, Inf. be on deck, sit in or at, find oneself at, show one's face, make or put in an appearance, Inf. show up; visit, take in, haunt, frequent, Inf. do, Inf. catch, Inf. check out.
8. lift, hand, helping hand, Inf. boost or boost up; contribution.

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